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think so. as jamie diamond said in the previous segment, this is getting to be a better environment for banking. higher rates while there are negatives are a better thing because the spread of what you can earn on lending ver suls su cost of deposit. home prices are drifting up in the u.s. and the recent runup in interest rates isn't dampening that. those are a good backdrop for second kwaurquarter earnings. >> what are they doing so well? i'm not talking about the big ones, though, that's the main focus tonight. what are the mid-sized guys doing well? >> lending. if you look at the data for the second quarter, the large banks lending increase was over 1%, not great. the small banks overall was about 8%. so really, the small banks are the ones out there aggressively getting out there with customers and making loans. that's what they do and that's why stock prices are doing well. >> when we look at the bank index, it's been pretty much on the rise since the beginning of the year. do you see that continuing, and are there any stocks big or small in the banking sector that you are reco
dynamic environment, dealing with an active fire and trying to rescue in the realm of 300 victims. so, this time, because we have not clearly defined and established those facts, we cannot answer your questions. >> reporter: as the plane came to rest, passengers scrambled to get out, despite emergency chutes that deployed inside the cabin. 62 of them ended up here at san francisco general hospital, while another 55 went to stanford. geoffrey manley is head of neurosurgery at san francisco general, which has discharged most of its patients, but still has six in critical condition, and two with serious spinal cord injuries that could lead to paralysis. >> the ligaments were simply ripped as they went forward and back in the seat with associated bone fractures as well. it is possible that these folks will never walk again. it is also possible that with some of this rapid surgery and aggressive management in the intensive care unit that they will have a chance to possibly regain some function. >> reporter: manley said many injuries were not apparent at first. >> many of these patients loo
of the environment, our values as a nation have changed. and that's why we can look at friant dam today and say, maybe we never should have done that. but in the context of the '30s it was the right thing to do. >> reporter: for now, it remains impossible for salmon to swim the length of the river and spawn. but a few fish are living in the river, and are reproducing. still, it may take another 20 years before the restoration of the san joaquin can be judged a success or a failure. >> suarez: you can see historical images of life and development in the san joaquin river valley dating back to the 1800s. find that slide show on our homepage. >> woodruff: and to the analysis of shields and brooks: syndicated columnist mark shields, and "new york times" columnist david brooks. welcome back, gentlemen. so let's start by talking about immigration. the senate passed its bill w what two weeks ago, mark, i think 14 republicans voted for it. but now that it's in the house, the republicans are balking, what is going on if. >> well, it's a different institution, judy. the republicans who backed it recogniz
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)